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The Society regularly monitors changes in the High Street and beyond

- new businesses, changes of occupants or businesses that have closed.

The latest changes reflect the position in October 2023 

Dough & Co Pizzas has opened next to the Tap Room.

Willow & Fox has a new owner.

The former ‘Just the Thing’ in Edward’s Walk has been replaced with ‘Joyeux’ but seems to be closed again.

Cancer Research charity shop has closed down and remains empty.

The Barclays building remains empty. There is a help desk in the MDC offices Wednesday & Thursday 9.30-12.30 & 1.00-4pm.

The Halifax is maintaining a presence in the Town Hall on a Thursday morning 10.00-2.00.

Former Cosmetology hairdressers at number 74, is now another mobile phone shop.

Costa Coffee has had a refit.

The Pie & Mash shop has closed and was quickly replaced with another Indian Restaurant.

Next door, the clothes shop has closed down.

The former Warwick Arms, more recently ‘185’, has been renovated and is now ‘Haus’ restaurant.

A short-lived beautician’s near Victoria Road has been replaced by a delicatessen ‘Hoskyn’s

Handmade Pies & Artesian Cheeses’. Open Tuesday to Sunday.

The former tanning shop opposite the Dry Cleaners is now another tanning shop.

Just the Gift’ has opened opposite the Post Office, selling personalised goods.

A CBO shop has opened opposite the top of Wantz Road.

Former optician was renovated and converted into a cake shop: Annie’s. Unfortunately, it soon closed

and has not re-opened.

The Emporium has a closing down sale.

Wenlock Way: The Candle shop has moved into Dante’s kitchen area and a new hairdresser, Collaboration & Co, has opened in its place.

Terry in the market has retired.

A new market is due to be launched on 12th October, this time by Suffolk Market Events.

Luigi’s on Market Hill has opened a second restaurant in the Griffin in Danbury.

he Old Post Office, more recently a Morrison’s Local, is being converted into a ‘Salero Lounge’. (Apparently similar to Wetherspoons) It is yet to be discussed by the District Council’s Planning Committee.


Blue Boar: there’s a rumour that it’s been sold to the owner of Marsh Farm, James Sinclair, although maybe it’s just a lease?

The Brazilian restaurant is up for sale.

The craft shop at the top of the High Street has been replaced by a Star Wars shop.

The old Police Station has been renovated and is now an accountant’s: Pocknells.

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