The Maldon Society - aims to promote and preserve the historical heritage of this town and its surrounding area by encouraging civic pride in the area and promoting co-operation with other organisations.


                                              MALDON ARCHIVE


One of the key objectives of the Maldon Society is to collect and store historic photographs and drawings of the town and its people. To achieve this, we rely on people lending us their collections so the images may be scanned and stored digitally.


Copies are then placed in our archive and on a media centre which is part of our display in the Maeldune Heritage Centre at the top of Market Hill. The Society's archive contains over thirty individual collections of photographs, videos and pen-and-ink drawings of the town and its people, ranging from the 1930's to the present day. That way the images may be viewed on a wide screen colour monitor by anyone who would like to see them. If you have some old photographs of Maldon and would be happy for us to copy them, we would be delighted to hear from you. Some examples from our Herbert Springett collection, and archive listing, are shown on below::

The Cottage, Spital Road

Bottom of Market Hill 

View of Maldon High Street

The Moot Hall, Maldon

The Co-operative Supermarket

King's Head Hotel, Maldon

                               Barclays Bank

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Cottages at the lower end of the High St. next door to the Ship and Anchor pub (now the Black Rabbit)